Resources for for Midwives and Healthcare Professionals has been created in order to help our midwives, doctors and healthcare professionals speak to mothers in a way that they understand.

We are extremely proud that we can offer this unique resource of translations in over 40 different languages, so that language does not need to be a barrier to ensuring the highest standards of safety for your mothers. We have recently translated all our leaflets into the 10 most common languages used in the UK (from census data) and our aim is to increase that number to 20 over the next year.

Please make sure you take a good look around this site, so you know what information is available to you, when you need it most.

Our translations table offers you access to all current leaflets and FAQs where translations are available.

We also have a growing video section on the website which focuses on Pain Relief in Labour. These videos are available in a number of different languages and may also be useful for those who find reading difficult.

Our 10 most common languages each have their own designated page, so that you can direct people straight there if they want to read all resources available in their own time.

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This site is designed to help YOU, so make sure you spread the word amongst colleagues so that they can use it too.

If you have any questions or suggestions which you feel may be useful, please contact us here.

Feel free to print off the two posters below which you can use in your department, clinics and waiting rooms

Poster to let your Midwifery colleagues know about this site

Version for professional printing (with trim)

Version for professional printing (with trim)

Poster for Mums (clinics, parentcraft, waiting rooms, notes etc)

Version for own printing

Version for own printing

Why not signpost your mothers to good quality information with these small stickers? (These can be added to information leaflets or even hospital notes as permitted by local departments.)

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*for best results use 3 x 7 labels for printing

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