Information Leaflets on Labour Pain Relief Choices

We have produced a number of information resources which cover; pain relief in labour, anaesthesia for caesarean section and related topics for mothers and their birth partners. The purpose of these leaflets is to help you make an informed decision about your choices of pain relief whilst in labour. You may also find our FAQ's on Pain Relief and Anaesthetic for Caesarean Section useful. 

Our informational leaflets cover a wide array of topics you may encounter, or might need to know about, during the pregnancy journey. This includes information for birthing partners, pregnant women with a high BMI and also detailed information about various labour pain relief options.

Our ‘Headache after an Epidural or Spinal Injection’ leaflet is particularly useful for mothers experiencing these symptoms firsthand. This explains the causes of these symptoms and what steps you should take.

We also have these leaflets available in over 20 other languages, please click here to view available translations.

Our Pain Relief in Labour and Anaesthetic for Caesarean Section Leaflets are in the process of being updated. You are still able to access previously translated leaflets but be aware that some of this information may be out of date.

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