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03 Jun 2021 Read Labour Pains’ New Leaflet on pain relief for giving birth if your baby has died Labour Pains have created a leaflet regarding pain relief after intrauterine fetal death (IUFD). Read more online.
23 Apr 2021 How Sore is Labour? Childbirth can be more uncomfortable for some women than others so it’s helpful you know about what types of sensations you could experience. Read our online blog to learn more.
12 Nov 2020 When can I have an epidural? It is no secret that delivering a baby can be uncomfortable and can feel especially daunting for first-time mothers. Learn more on the Labour Pains website.
03 Nov 2020 Anaesthesia In Breastfeeding Mothers Some women may require a general anaesthetic whilst they are breastfeeding and may have concerns about their baby being exposed to anaesthetic agents. Learn more at Labour Pains.
13 May 2020 How Coronavirus Affects Your Pain Relief Choices Coronavirus has led to lots of changes in the way you are able to attend antenatal clinics and classes. Learn more on the Labour Pains website.
06 May 2020 Coping With Pain In The Early Stages of Labour There is a lot to think about when your labour starts and this is especially the case for women who have not experienced labour before. Read our online blog to learn more.
06 May 2020 Labour Related Buzzwords You Should Know
30 Mar 2020 Message from OAA president, Dr Felicity Plaat In these unprecedented times we need balanced views and reliable reporting. Read more about what the OAA President has said on the Labour Pains website.
03 Feb 2020 Learn more about the Risks of Epidurals, Spinals and General Anaesthetics with our new infographic It is completely normal to have questions about the risks that come with some of the procedures you may need around the time of birth. Learn more at Labour Pains
14 Aug 2018 CS Week Find out more about CS week, what it's about and how you can get involved. We have a statement by the QAA President Dr Felicity Platt for you to read.
01 May 2018 New Leaflet Added - Birthing Partners
18 Apr 2018 Testimonials - Thank You
12 Mar 2018 Check Out Our Instagram!
01 Feb 2018 New Public Contributions Page
14 Dec 2017 Our 12 Days of Christmas!
27 Nov 2017 New Videos Available
20 Sep 2017 Let's Get Sharing!
11 Aug 2017 The Hypnotherapy Directory
10 Jul 2017 New Leaflet Added - High BMI
01 Jun 2017 Royal College of Midwives Affiliation
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