Who We Are

LabourPains.com is the public information website of the Obstetric Anaesthetists' Association (OAA), a UK Registered Charity.We are a multidisciplinary team of professional; anaesthetists, obstetricians and midwives and of course mothers.

We produce free, authoritative and unbiased information for the public about epidurals and other forms of labour pain relief and anaesthesia forcaesarean section. All information is available online and replaces the original printed versions.We also produce foreign language translations of most of our material – in up to 40 languages at present.

The OAA as a professional body also provides education and training for anaesthetists, midwives and other practitioners who care for pregnantwomen in the UK and overseas. We do this through our regular national and international meetings, online learning material and through ourprofessional journal. To learn more about these various educational activities, please visit ourprofessionals’ website.

Meet the Team:

Emma Evans

Emma Evans

I’m Emma Evans, an obstetric anaesthetist and mum of two from London and I’ve been involved with the OAA and LabourPains for the last 5 years.

I love that the work of this group is making reliable information so accessible to all types of women birth in the UK andbeyond and am excited that we have moved from leaflets to blogs and films in lots of languages.

Helping to give every woman equal access to reliable free information that fits her needs is my passion.

Kerry Litchfield - LabourPains Chair

Kerry Litchfield

I’m Kerry Litchfield, an obstetric anaesthetist based in Glasgow and mum of four.

It was only after I had a baby myself and sat listening to other mothers at the first time mothers’ group did I really realisethat what we, as doctors, say and more importantly how we share information with mothers to be and their families makes a huge difference to them.

I wanted to be part of LabourPains to help develop resources that are accurate, understandable and accessible.

Vinnie Dutta

Vinnie Datta

I’m Vinnie Datta and I work at Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital in London, and have been Clinical Leadfor High Risk Obstetric Anaesthesia since 2004. As such I am passionate about ensuring optimal quality of carefor women with complex medical problems in pregnancy, and know that appropriate, evidence based informationand education of both mothers and healthcare workers in maternity supports this.

I was thus excited to be invited to join the IFMSC, which continues to empower women to make informed choices and ultimately to have a safe and happy birth experience.

Fiona Pearson

Fiona Pearson

I’m Fiona Pearson and I’m a doctor in my final year of anaesthetic training.

For me, caring for women during their labour & delivery is the most rewarding part of our job. I became involved with LabourPains in my role as the OAA trainee representative.

I am keen to help expectant parents obtain accurate information in a language they can understand to support themin making informed choices and contribute towards a positive birth experience.

Susannah Stanford

Susannah Stanford

I’m Susannah Stanford. I became involved in Labour Pains through my involvement as a lay member of the OAA Committee.

Having experienced birth both ways, I recognise the importance of the Labour Pains website in providing accurateand objective information for mothers and their partners. A huge amount of effort goes into ensuring theinformation here is unbiased - I hope you find it helpful.

Laura Delany

Laura Delany

I’m Laura Delany and I’m part of the secretariat for the Obstetric Anaesthetists' Association.

I assist with membership enquires, day to day administration and events.

I support the Labour Pains committee with administrative tasks.

Elaine Cheung

Elaine Cheung

I’m Elaine Cheung, a London based obstetrician and the Royal College of Obstetricians rep on the LabourPainscommittee. I have a particular interest in fetal medicine, teaching, and high risk obstetrics.I am also trained in medical acupuncture and practise as an honorary medical acupuncturist at theRoyal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine, University College Hospital.

I was delighted to join LabourPains in 2017 and love being able to contribute to this excellent resource for alllabouring women. In my spare time, I am an avid knitter (I have an affinity for needles!), keen baker andmother of 2 girls.

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