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Welcome to LabourPains.com, the public information website of the OAA. Created specifically for expectant parents as well as midwives and healthcare professionals. On this site you can learn all about the pain relief choices available during labour and how to cope with labour pains. We provide ad-free resources with no conflicts of interest. The information on LabourPains.com has been written by a multi-disciplinary group of doctors, midwives and mothers, ensuring that you have access to information which is trustworthy, unbiased and scientifically proven. Take a look, tell us what you think and don't forget to spread the word!

We are now expanding our portfolio of translations of our main publications beyond the 20 most common languages used in the UK following feedback at meetings and our enquiries page. We are really grateful to the charity Translators without Borders who are helping us to reach out to mothers and their families of all nationalities. Newer additional translations have been generously provided by OAA members to help us to support more languages. We trust these translations to be as accurate as possible and hope that they are useful to you.

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