How Coronavirus Affects Your Pain Relief Choices

Coronavirus has led to lots of changes in the way you are able to attend antenatal clinics and classes, as well as possible changes in where you can birth and who can support you during labour and birth in theatre.

While these changes are designed to keep you and your families safe, you can still be sure that your choices of pain relief in labour remain essentially the same. Units across the country are doing their very best to ensure that you get a full and safe anaesthetic service.

Feel free to use everything the site has to offer to explore what types of pain relief you might want to consider. Our leaflets and videos will cover much of what you will have received in your antenatal education classes and more. Rest assured that you will have the best care available when the time comes.

Coronavirus Information

Coronavirus may affect many aspects of healthcare including having a baby. Information and advice may change over time but here are some websites that explain what you can expect at the moment.

Coronavirus info for mothers

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