Learn about the Risks of Epidurals, Spinals and General Anaesthetics

It is completely normal, as an expectant parent, to have questions about the risks that come with some of these procedures you may need around the time of birth. At Labour Pains we aim to provide you with a variety of resources to help answer your questions. During your labour, you may be considering a number of different pain relief options to help cope with labour pains, including epidurals and spinals.

These are sometimes referred to as types of regional anaesthesia by your medical and midwifery team. If your baby needs to be born in theatre you may have a regional or general anaesthetic and to prepare for this you might have questions about the risks of these procedures. We have put together a new infographic to help explain these risks and the chances of them affecting you.

Explaining and understanding risk can be difficult, especially during labour or emergencies, and we hope that this makes it easier. What’s important to remember that there are medical and midwifery staff to explain things too and look after you safely. If you still have questions before your procedure, we recommend contacting your midwife or doctor and they can answer any specific questions you have.

Download the infographic here.

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