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Your Anaesthetic for Caesarean section (16 minutes)

This 16 minute film covers the practical aspects of anaesthesia for Caesarean section including:

  • the advantages and disadvantages of regional anaesthesia including CSE
  • the advantages and disadvantages of general anaesthesia
  • post-operative analgesia after Caesarean section

Coping with Labour pain (18 minutes)

This 18 minute film describes the types of pain relief available in a maternity unit: Relaxation techniques, water bath, TENS, Entonox, pethidine, epidurals and features interviews with mothers who give their own personal experiences of the benefits and shortcomings of each method.


Your Choice of Anaesthesia for Caesarean Section


In the video podcasts below, we have provided an audio translation of our information leaflet "Your Choice of Anaesthetic for Caesarean Section"





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